#TWD…Another One Down


I’m about to reveal scenes from the season premier episode of The Walking Dead, Season 7

Le sigh…another one down.

One less Asian in pop culture.

Watching The Walking Dead is Michael, my partner, and my Sunday evening ritual. This past Sunday was no different for the Season 7 Premier. And boy was it a doozey of an episode!

But the most significant scene for me was when they killed Glen. I had physical, mental and emotional reactions.

I literally jumped and yelled at my inanimate television when Glen was hit the first time.

But after my initial reaction, my very second thought was: “well shit…another Asian gone.” 

Isn’t that a sad second thought?

Thinking about it, I remembered an article I read over the summer by the New York Times: Asian American Actors Are Fighting For Visibility. They Will Not Be Ignored.

Photo courtesy of The New York Times

I agree that, America has whitewashed the Asian-American presence from many areas is American society including pop culture. Asian-American role models are few and far between in pop culture, for many reasons, including racism, stereotyping, race-priority, and simple lack of opportunity. When it does enter, 99% of the time, it is for short-lived arcs in film and television, and other than K-Pop, J-Pop etc, I don’t really see Asians in the music industry. And as mentioned in the New York Times article, Asian roles are going to other identities in order to give them space and a platform. Unfortunately its beingdone at the expense of the Asian community.

Now, instead of just complaining about this, it’s up to me to help and take an active role in making change. Like everything else, I have a right to complain but also a responsibility to help change it.

So, I start with this post in acknowledging the issue. I will continue to promote Asian-American individuals in pop culture. I will continue calling out whitewashing the Asian identity from stories, film and music. I myself will work to overcome the desensitization of the lack of Asian-Americans in pop culture. And whatever else I can to bring awareness and move this forward.

In other words, I’ve #ATTI80 and reached the 3rd Stage in Kim’s Asian-American Identity Development Model of Awakening to Social Political Consciousness. 🙂

Photo courtesy of IMDB.com

Thanks for reading my musings today!

And Glen, you’ll forever be my favorite Walking Dead Hero!

Until next time,

Peace, Love and Pandas!


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