SCOTUS Hearing Ponderings

Most, if not all, of America is paying attention to the confirmation hearing of the Honorable Amy Coney Barrett. As expected we are witnessing the politics, election, and partisan divide play out on our screens. My social media pages are full of conversations about the hearing. With the wide variety of people in my lifeContinue reading “SCOTUS Hearing Ponderings”

The Mitten State is Becoming Harder to Love

Oh Michigan. How you make it hard for me to love you. Lately Michigan has been taking some significant stances/hits in the fight for LGBT equality: In November, the Sixth Circuit Federal Court overturned six District Court decisions in Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky and Tennessee allowing same-sex marriage. This was in counter of the other CircuitContinue reading “The Mitten State is Becoming Harder to Love”

#SCOTUS, #Prop8 and #DOMA, Oh My!

Pre-#SCOTUS Decision, 9:01 AM: Today is the day for the Supreme Court announcement on the decision they made regarding the Defense of Marriage Act and Prop 8 of California. I’m sitting drinking my morning coffee, perusing my social media platforms just waiting for the decision. Personally, I’d love to see same-sex marriage allowed across theContinue reading “#SCOTUS, #Prop8 and #DOMA, Oh My!”