Criticism = #StruggleBusAllDayLong

Something has been bothering me about Student Affairs Professionals and myself. I haven’t been able to pinpoint it until I saw a conversation on the Twitters last night. I realized what was bothering me was the inability of #SAPros to take criticism, regardless the form, be it harsh, constructive, inclusive, exclusive, personal or professional. Now,Continue reading “Criticism = #StruggleBusAllDayLong”

Perspective Twist

A few weeks ago, I was at Jackson College to give a presentation on Social Media for their Success Day Conference. While talking with the organizers, they informed me that they wanted me to talk about professional uses and best practices of social media for community college students. So, I prepared a little presentation, butContinue reading “Perspective Twist”

2nd Year Advice

Its a little crazy that just a little over a year ago I was in my orientation for my grad program. A lot has happen in 12 short months, but I wouldn’t change anything. I’ve grown personally and professionally, and have met so many new and amazing individuals. Part of my success was the adviceContinue reading “2nd Year Advice”