LMX Theory and Me

As many of you know, leadership development is a thing I use frequently in my position at Michigan State and in my field and in many of my volunteer roles. So I sit in theories and models all the time. Over the last few months I’ve been on a journey of reflecting on my style,Continue reading “LMX Theory and Me”

#ATTI80: Schlossberg

Hello! After coming off of a full week of celebrating the BFF’s wedding, we return to another edition of #ATTI80! This week we’re doodling about Schlossberg’s Transition Theory! I thought about it after reading this great #SAChat post:¬†Schloss It Out! Putting Theory into Personal Practice for New #SACareer Pros. So to start, as always, someContinue reading “#ATTI80: Schlossberg”

#ATTI80: Chickering

We all know Chickering. It’s probably one of the first theories we all learn and want to use in grad school. So I figured it was time that I threw him up on my whiteboard and see how I visually break it down. But as always, let’s start with a little background. ūüôā Chickering firstContinue reading “#ATTI80: Chickering”

#ATTI80: Astin

Well folks, today I thought I’d tackle a theory I utilize more frequently, Astin’s Theory of Student Involvement. Now, this is probably the first theory I ever learned and used as a Student Affairs professional, and as you know you always remember the first. However, it was interesting to go through this theory today. ButContinue reading “#ATTI80: Astin”

#ATTI80: Bronfenbrenner

So to continue the theory travels I checked out Bronfenbrenner this week.Now, as I mentioned in the kickoff post of the #ATTI80 Project, this is just my personal analysis and application of theory for me,¬†and I believe¬†that we each should do theory and application as we see and understand it best. But hopefully it helpsContinue reading “#ATTI80: Bronfenbrenner”

Foto Friday: Professor Proffer

Today’s photo is courtesy of a¬†former student leader from my time at University of Michigan-Flint. She is currently pursuing a Masters in Higher Education at Michigan State (Who knew we’d both transition to the Green? LOL The world works in mysterious ways). In this particular photo we were wrapping up the Fall term and gettingContinue reading “Foto Friday: Professor Proffer”

Monsters University

Since entering into the professional world, I’ve always tried to make my work enjoyable by infusing my personality into my work. Things such as encouraging country music to be played on Fridays in the office to create a relaxed and productive work environment, collecting the random panda trinkets and art that students gave to me,Continue reading “Monsters University”