Storied Past, Inspired Future

Every morning I walk by this banner on my way into the MSU Union: It carries what you could call the vision of the MSU Union; Storied Past, Inspired Future. Now, I always thought this was a great vision┬áthat acknowledged the rich history of the MSU Union, all the while anticipating and hoping for whatContinue reading “Storied Past, Inspired Future”

Real Talk: My Outiversary

It was 5 years ago this past Saturday, August 1, when I openly identified as gay. I marked this date as my Outiversary because it was when I told my parents and switched my Facebook status. (of course it was partially based on my social media…do you expect anything less from me? lol). As youContinue reading “Real Talk: My Outiversary”

The “Student” Component of #SAPro Social Media

For the past few weeks I’ve been watching my TweetDeck closely. I wanted to see what was being put out there in my Tweet-O-Sphere and why. There was no formal survey or assessment other than my personal observations. In my observations, my TweetDeck is a normal hodgepodge of information from promoting blogs (guilty!) to articlesContinue reading “The “Student” Component of #SAPro Social Media”