My “Whys” for My Social Media

I’ve been thinking a lot about social media and me as a practitioner and blogger. There have been so many conversations about social media, social competency, best practices and debating back and forth on what is right or wrong, what is productive or not, etc. that I’ve been swimming in reading material. However, after writingContinue reading “My “Whys” for My Social Media”

Must It Be Social Media vs. Social Competency?

Recently I read a great article, from the SA Collective, Tech Generation: Don’t Just “Deal With It”, by #sachat peep @jakegoldblum1, and I couldn’t agree more with him. I’ve also been preparing for my first ever conference roundtable that I’m co-facilitating with my former Grad School Mentor on social media in student affairs. And finallyContinue reading “Must It Be Social Media vs. Social Competency?”

The Great Debate

I read an article this morning on Social Media that I found on the SACollective. It was talking about Student Affairs Professionals and the issue of whether or not to follow and/or friend students. ARTICLE: Now, I’ve been having this debate for years with myself and colleagues, so I’m quite familiar with both sides’ prosContinue reading “The Great Debate”

Huh…Older Than I Thought

So, one of my goals for this year is to read more books, articles, etc. within my areas of professional interests such as social media, LGBT issues, and higher education. So to kick it off, I decided to start with the book Writing on the Wall: Social Media The First 2,000 Years, by Tom Standage,Continue reading “Huh…Older Than I Thought”

4 #SoMe Peeps NOT To Be

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been reading up on social media and the law.  Now, originally I began this reading venture because I selected it as the topic for my law class. But my interests were peaked and I have become quite engulfed in the topic. Throughout my reading, I’ve been noticing that thereContinue reading “4 #SoMe Peeps NOT To Be”

3 Tips to the Fears of Networking

This past weekend I hosted the 2014 Kappa Sigma Michigan District Conclave for my state, of whose chapters include Alpha Zeta (University of Michigan-Ann Arbor), Delta Psi (Michigan State University), Omicron Rho (University of Michigan-Flint), Sigma Zeta (Northwood University), Sigma Eta (Central Michigan University), and Sigma Kappa (Grand Valley State University). Now, I have postsContinue reading “3 Tips to the Fears of Networking”

Assimilate and Be Happy!

With the New Year rung in, and everyone’s resolutions on the forefront, I’ve seen a pattern in my social and professional circles in regards to addressing social media in New Year’s Resolutions. Social Media is on everyone’s resolution lists in someway, whether to start a platform, be more persistent with existing platforms, or even whittlingContinue reading “Assimilate and Be Happy!”

12 Days of Social Media

On the First Day of Christmas I put on Social Media… A Blog Post sending holiday cheer On the Second Day of Christmas I put on Social Media… Two Holiday Retweets And a Blog Post sending holiday cheer On the Third Day of Christmas I put on Social Media… Three recipe Repins Two Holiday RetweetsContinue reading “12 Days of Social Media”

Key Helpful #SoMe Hints

A few weekends ago, one of my best friends rejoined the land of the living and rejoined Facebook. Now, he’s about to go #SoMe crazy, and it got me thinking, about what would be some best practices and suggestions for those individuals like him who are re-establishing their online identity and creating profiles. So, forContinue reading “Key Helpful #SoMe Hints”

Digital vs. Online

Over the course of the past few months since I began this blog I’ve been learning so much! My perspective of blogging has definitely shifted and has come to a point where I believe that at times a blogger is blogging to teach others what they, themselves, are trying to learn. Now I’m no expertContinue reading “Digital vs. Online”