36 Goals

WOW. I’ve inhabited this floating rock for 35 years now. More or less successful. I’ve had the highs I’ve had the lows. Year 35 has been a wild ride. From my professional life to my personal life and everything in between. I’ve gotten lost more than a couple of times during this 35th rotation but IContinue reading “36 Goals”

“Live Your Best Life”

“Live Your Best Life” It’s a phrase that I heard for the first time this summer after spending almost two weeks at Kansas State University being a part of the Association of College Unions International (ACUI) I-LEAD Program. Ben Williams, one of the I-LEAD Co-Chairs and one of the most awesome individuals I’ve met inContinue reading ““Live Your Best Life””

Find Your People

So, I took a hiatus from blogging as you already know to enjoy my vacation but also to really redirect and rethink why I blog, what I want my blog to be and what I want to say. But honestly, I think my blog is exactly me: Random, Individualistic, Funny, Unique, Trial and Error, GenuineContinue reading “Find Your People”

4 #SoMe Peeps NOT To Be

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been reading up on social media and the law.  Now, originally I began this reading venture because I selected it as the topic for my law class. But my interests were peaked and I have become quite engulfed in the topic. Throughout my reading, I’ve been noticing that thereContinue reading “4 #SoMe Peeps NOT To Be”

Ethical Dilemma

Well, I just got ready for the day, and am waiting to leave for Ethics Day in our class.  Just musing on what I’ve read and the case study I had to work on for today, I think its safe to say that ethical issues in higher education and student affairs are rampant. Unlike legalContinue reading “Ethical Dilemma”