Unfriending of Dissonance

An interesting phenomenon has taken root on my social media platforms. Unfriending of dissonance.  For the past year or so, the frequency of friends laying claim to unfriending or unfollowing individuals due to their different opinions has increased ten fold. And I’ll be honest, it’s unsettling to me. I have many friends on my platforms thatContinue reading “Unfriending of Dissonance”

The Great Debate

I read an article this morning on Social Media that I found on the SACollective. It was talking about Student Affairs Professionals and the issue of whether or not to follow and/or friend students. ARTICLE: http://studentaffairscollective.org/social-media-what-student-affairs-professionals-are-missing-by-not-connecting/ Now, I’ve been having this debate for years with myself and colleagues, so I’m quite familiar with both sides’ prosContinue reading “The Great Debate”