2020 P.A.N.D.A. Awards!

Y’all, get excited! The P.A.N.D.A. Awards are back! Started in 2015 on the night of the 87th Academy Awards, the P.A.N.D.A. Awards were created in a 10 minute time span. They were originally created to celebrate people who  engaged with me on my social media platforms. However, beginning this year I’m pivoting to celebrating anyContinue reading “2020 P.A.N.D.A. Awards!”


“Why Pandas?” “Where did this love of pandas begin?” For the past few months these questions have been popping up more frequently in my conversations. Some have thought it’s because I’m trying to enforce my Asian-ness. Others have thought its because my personality is similar to the panda. And still others have thought its because IContinue reading “FINALLY: Why I LOVE Pandas!”