4 #SoMe Peeps NOT To Be

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been reading up on social media and the law.  Now, originally I began this reading venture because I selected it as the topic for my law class. But my interests were peaked and I have become quite engulfed in the topic. Throughout my reading, I’ve been noticing that thereContinue reading “4 #SoMe Peeps NOT To Be”

Assimilate and Be Happy!

With the New Year rung in, and everyone’s resolutions on the forefront, I’ve seen a pattern in my social and professional circles in regards to addressing social media in New Year’s Resolutions. Social Media is on everyone’s resolution lists in someway, whether to start a platform, be more persistent with existing platforms, or even whittlingContinue reading “Assimilate and Be Happy!”

Perspective Twist

A few weeks ago, I was at Jackson College to give a presentation on Social Media for their Success Day Conference. While talking with the organizers, they informed me that they wanted me to talk about professional uses and best practices of social media for community college students. So, I prepared a little presentation, butContinue reading “Perspective Twist”

Making the Call

As I have made a few mentions before in earlier posts, I volunteer my time on a state-wide  level for my fraternity. This is my second year and am really getting into the swing of things. As a new initiative for our state, I’m reinstating our regular conference calls. Now, conference calls with 10 orContinue reading “Making the Call”

Back It Up, Back It Up, Back It Up…Guide for First-Time Backchannelers

Two years ago, if you told me that I should backchannel, I would have said I can’t swim. (Get it…backchannel…backpaddle…?…meh). Anyway, now I backchannel everything I can. I’m actually following the #psuweb13 backchannel while I sit here writing this post. 🙂 Backchanneling is a live conversation occurring simulatneously along side an event conference, webcast, etc.Continue reading “Back It Up, Back It Up, Back It Up…Guide for First-Time Backchannelers”