“I Am The Leader I’ve Been Waiting For”

“We Are The Leaders We’ve Been Waiting For” ~Grace Lee Boggs This is a quote that I am holding extremely close at this point in my journey. But before I go more into that, first, a little history to my connection with this phrase and Grace Lee Boggs. I had the opportunity to work atContinue reading ““I Am The Leader I’ve Been Waiting For””

#CSAM: Because of Them

As we all know this has been #CSAM (Careers in Student Affairs Month), and the recruiting for SAGrad Programs has been ramped up tenfold. I joined some friends in participating in the #ACPAWhatsYourWhy about why I work and remain in Student Affairs which was great to reflect and share my why. But it got meContinue reading “#CSAM: Because of Them”

Foto Friday: My OLs!

Ok, so its been a few weeks since I last posted. I promise I had a good excuse! I blame New Student Orientation and Welcome Back Prep. 🙂 But now that my first Orientation that I supervised is completely done and put away, and I have a few seconds to breath, I thought I’d get back upContinue reading “Foto Friday: My OLs!”