The Movement 2014

Today I’m taking a break from the professional development and going to go a little personal.¬†As you, my readers may know, I identify as gay and advocate for equity in my own subtle ways. I accomplish this mostly through my blog and my openness with my students when they ask questions or if they needContinue reading “The Movement 2014”

#SCOTUS, #Prop8 and #DOMA, Oh My!

Pre-#SCOTUS Decision, 9:01 AM: Today is the day for the Supreme Court announcement on the decision they made regarding the Defense of Marriage Act and Prop 8 of California. I’m sitting drinking my morning coffee, perusing my social media platforms just waiting for the decision. Personally, I’d love to see same-sex marriage allowed across theContinue reading “#SCOTUS, #Prop8 and #DOMA, Oh My!”