Quirky Tips To Keep Your Platforms Updated and Organized

So, let’s be honest: It’s a pain to keep your platforms updated and in order. We all experience that feeling of dread when you have to update your contact information or big life status across multiple platforms and it’s especially daunting if they’ve satĀ for months without much updating or if you are trying to transitionĀ toContinue reading “Quirky Tips To Keep Your Platforms Updated and Organized”

Digital vs. Online

Over the course of the past few months since I began this blog I’ve been learning so much! My perspective of blogging has definitely shifted and has come to a point where I believe that at times a blogger is blogging to teach others what they, themselves, are trying to learn. Now I’m no expertContinue reading “Digital vs. Online”

Social Media: A History (With Commentary)

So, I was perusing my Pinterest last night for some ideas for a presentation I have to give on Social Media in a few weeks. (And of course Pinterest is the BEST place for ideas). Anyway, while I was looking over some of my social media pins one caught my eye in particular. It wasContinue reading “Social Media: A History (With Commentary)”


Let’s all admit, here and now, that we use Google Search more often than not, when we are initiating a project or an event. Shoot, most of us Student Affairs Pros second as graphic designers, marketing experts, event heads, etc and use Google to help us out many times for ideas or images. Now, I’veContinue reading “Google-And-Go-Find”