Don’t Let It “Slide By”

So today I had a choice before me. It was about having to inform someone of a potential mistake that would be the difference between having a “feather in my cap” or not for my professional portfolio. Now, it wasn’t whether I should or should not inform the individual because I knew that I wouldn’t be able to live withContinue reading “Don’t Let It “Slide By””

4 #SoMe Peeps NOT To Be

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been reading up on social media and the law.  Now, originally I began this reading venture because I selected it as the topic for my law class. But my interests were peaked and I have become quite engulfed in the topic. Throughout my reading, I’ve been noticing that thereContinue reading “4 #SoMe Peeps NOT To Be”

My 5:00 AM Epiphany

So the Legal, Ethical, and Policy Issues in Higher Education class is going well. I’ve been learning a lot but its definitely gonna take another week to really process everything. Entering the class, I was really nervous. I’ve never really taken a law class before, and as we have been going over the case studiesContinue reading “My 5:00 AM Epiphany”

Ethical Dilemma

Well, I just got ready for the day, and am waiting to leave for Ethics Day in our class.  Just musing on what I’ve read and the case study I had to work on for today, I think its safe to say that ethical issues in higher education and student affairs are rampant. Unlike legalContinue reading “Ethical Dilemma”

Higher Ed’s Minefield

Currently this week in my spare time, I’m reviewing the textbook and class materials that I’ve read for my Legal, Ethical and Policy Issues class. I have to admit, and I’ve tweeted this, “in some ways legal issues in higher education reminds me of a minefield”…they are everywhere. Sometimes they are preventable, but many timesContinue reading “Higher Ed’s Minefield”