#ATTI80: The Final Theory

WOW! Crazy to think that #ATTI80 is now over!!! Over the past 80 days¬†I’ve broken down 8 theories, gone through 13 dry erase markers, 1¬†container of Clorox wipes, utilized 2 whiteboards and, to close us out, have created 1 theory. Yes, I’ve created theory, so let those pigs fly! Now, this has been percolating inContinue reading “#ATTI80: The Final Theory”

Perspective Twist

A few weeks ago, I was at Jackson College to give a presentation on Social Media for their Success Day Conference. While talking with the organizers, they informed me that they wanted me to talk about professional uses and best practices of social media for community college students. So, I prepared a little presentation, butContinue reading “Perspective Twist”

Blonde Passion

One of my favorite quotes from the movie Legally Blonde actually quotes Aristotle: “Law is reason, free from passion” (If anyone can tell me where in the movie this is first mentioned, I’ll give a shout out to a fellow Legally Blonde fan in my next post) Now, until recently, I loved this quote justContinue reading “Blonde Passion”

Higher Ed’s Minefield

Currently this week in my spare time, I’m reviewing the textbook and class materials that I’ve read for my Legal, Ethical and Policy Issues class. I have to admit, and I’ve tweeted this, “in some ways legal issues in higher education reminds me of a minefield”…they are everywhere. Sometimes they are preventable, but many timesContinue reading “Higher Ed’s Minefield”