Unfriending of Dissonance

An interesting phenomenon has taken root on my social media platforms. Unfriending of dissonance.  For the past year or so, the frequency of friends laying claim to unfriending or unfollowing individuals due to their different opinions has increased ten fold. And I’ll be honest, it’s unsettling to me. I have many friends on my platforms thatContinue reading “Unfriending of Dissonance”

My Boost

Well, for those of us who had classes start at the end of August or beginning of September, we’ve made it through the first month! Yey! But I’ll be honest, sometimes these long days and months can be exhausting. However, last night I was reminded of why I stay in this field, and why I doContinue reading “My Boost”

Grateful for My Challenges

With only days to go until I sit down with family and friends for Thanksgiving, I wanted to give credence to some things and situations I am grateful for that I don’t normally acknowledge. Of course I’m grateful for the traditional things such as family, friends, loved ones, partners, good job, my fraternity, etc. But this year, afterContinue reading “Grateful for My Challenges”