Leader ↔ Blogger

Over the past few months I’ve been more attuned to leadership. Leadership is something we share and encourage amongst friends, colleagues and students. As Student Affairs Professionals we work on leadership within ourselves each day (Or at least we should). In our various events, programs and office structures we try to provide opportunities for growthContinue reading “Leader ↔ Blogger”

Why I Blog

Recently,I’ve had a couple of friends ask “why do I blog”? I’m a relatively new blogger with few readers. I’m definitely not the best blogger, nor do I have the most insightful posts, so why do I spent so much time blogging? I have several reasons which include branding myself as a Student Affairs Professional and social mediaContinue reading “Why I Blog”

To Blog or Not to Blog: My Tips

Over the past week I’ve engaged in a few conversations with friends and colleagues about blogging and my experiences with it, why do I blog, what’s the purpose of my blog and if I thought it was simple or difficult. So I thought I’d give you my thoughts on blogging and some helpful tips that IContinue reading “To Blog or Not to Blog: My Tips”