36 Goals

WOW. I’ve inhabited this floating rock for 35 years now. More or less successful. I’ve had the highs I’ve had the lows. Year 35 has been a wild ride. From my professional life to my personal life and everything in between. I’ve gotten lost more than a couple of times during this 35th rotation but IContinue reading “36 Goals”

Storied Past, Inspired Future

Every morning I walk by this banner on my way into the MSU Union: It carries what you could call the vision of the MSU Union; Storied Past, Inspired Future. Now, I always thought this was a great vision┬áthat acknowledged the rich history of the MSU Union, all the while anticipating and hoping for whatContinue reading “Storied Past, Inspired Future”

Another Year Down

Middle of a Moment If this is what my family has to be Then I don’t need one watching over me A family doesn’t make you sleep outside A family doesn’t laugh and say you lie Remember what a home is Think of how your life should be But you’re stuck in the middle ofContinue reading “Another Year Down”