Foto Friday…on a Saturday?

So I realized I’ve not posted Foto Friday in a couple week. And of course I started one for yesterday but am actually posting it on Saturday. However, posting my Foto Friday on Saturday is completely representative of the discombobulation and randomness that the photo represents but in the end it all works out. MeetContinue reading “Foto Friday…on a Saturday?”

Real Talk: My Outiversary

It was 5 years ago this past Saturday, August 1, when I openly identified as gay. I marked this date as my Outiversary because it was when I told my parents and switched my Facebook status. (of course it was partially based on my social media…do you expect anything less from me? lol). As youContinue reading “Real Talk: My Outiversary”

Foto Friday: My Wives and I

Today’s Foto Friday is one of my all time FAVORITE profile pictures. It was taken a few years ago when I was on staff at UM-Flint, and was attending the Theta Chi Fraternity Carnation Ball with the Student Life Office. For me, attending that event was like a huge Greek Reunion, outside of my own letters. AsContinue reading “Foto Friday: My Wives and I”