Prepping for #ACPA15

Like many of my friends and colleagues across the Student Affairs and Higher Ed world, I am getting my presentation ready for #ACPA15. As a first time presenter I’m a bundle of excitement, nerves, energy and anxiety. I’m trying to read all the blogs that offer tips to conference presenters and talking to many friends and colleaguesContinue reading “Prepping for #ACPA15”

Schedule Ahead Wisely!

So we’re all crazy busy this time of year. Be it marketing end of year or holiday events, sharing out information on family and friend get-togethers, conferences, last minute and end of semester information PLUS our regular daily responsibilities we are inundated with information to get out through our social media profiles and platforms. SoContinue reading “Schedule Ahead Wisely!”

The Great Debate

I read an article this morning on Social Media that I found on the SACollective. It was talking about Student Affairs Professionals and the issue of whether or not to follow and/or friend students. ARTICLE: Now, I’ve been having this debate for years with myself and colleagues, so I’m quite familiar with both sides’ prosContinue reading “The Great Debate”

The “Student” Component of #SAPro Social Media

For the past few weeks I’ve been watching my TweetDeck closely. I wanted to see what was being put out there in my Tweet-O-Sphere and why. There was no formal survey or assessment other than my personal observations. In my observations, my TweetDeck is a normal hodgepodge of information from promoting blogs (guilty!) to articlesContinue reading “The “Student” Component of #SAPro Social Media”

Watch and Learn

So, I have a habit of seeming unproductive when I first meet co-workers and colleagues. In particular on the professional level, but it also applies to my general demeanor when meeting people who enter my life. Now this may sound bad, being unproductive, but in the long run, it has helped me  personally a greatContinue reading “Watch and Learn”

The Policy of Social Media

Over the past few weeks, the topic of Social Media Policies has popped up several times between NASPA backchanneling, the weekly #StrategyCar convos, and talking about social media with a few professional colleagues. Then I was required to research a topic for my law class which related to current issues in higher education and theContinue reading “The Policy of Social Media”