The “Student” Component of #SAPro Social Media

For the past few weeks I’ve been watching my TweetDeck closely. I wanted to see what was being put out there in my Tweet-O-Sphere and why. There was no formal survey or assessment other than my personal observations. In my observations, my TweetDeck is a normal hodgepodge of information from promoting blogs (guilty!) to articlesContinue reading “The “Student” Component of #SAPro Social Media”

Practice and Example Just Like In Person

Social media is no longer simply a platform to be social on. It has become a platform for advocacy, political debate, social movements and professional development. These platforms have evolved into being areas where nothing is safe and everything is up for debate. It’s where more and more instances of bullying is occurring and whereContinue reading “Practice and Example Just Like In Person”

Social Media: Naturally Unique in Every Way

Over the past few weeks and months I’ve been engaging in some great conversations in regards to social media and the implementation, engagement and assessment of it. Some of the conversations have been more debate-like and pros vs. cons while others have been positive and reaffirming. However, amongst the conversations, for me, an underlying themeContinue reading “Social Media: Naturally Unique in Every Way”

Techy Icebreaker

As any good #SAPro, I have my treasure trove of icebreakers. However, I thought I’d share a new one I created for our Kick-off Orientation Training Workshop that was held last week. Now, I’m one of those #SAPros who makes everyone at a major training or retreat go “off-the-grid”. I have a “Tech Box” where allContinue reading “Techy Icebreaker”

Huh…Older Than I Thought

So, one of my goals for this year is to read more books, articles, etc. within my areas of professional interests such as social media, LGBT issues, and higher education. So to kick it off, I decided to start with the book Writing on the Wall: Social Media The First 2,000 Years, by Tom Standage,Continue reading “Huh…Older Than I Thought”

#Don’t #Over #Hashtag @Conferences!

So, if you know me, you know I’m kind of a conference junkie. I love the professional development, I love the networking and I LOVE to help plan or volunteer at them (I blame my event coordination side of me for this part of my life and for @alainawiens for training me so well 🙂Continue reading “#Don’t #Over #Hashtag @Conferences!”

Resumes With a Touch of Social Media

Ah, ’tis the season of graduation, celebration, and job hunting! Yes, the resumes are being updated, redesigned and distributed by hundreds of thousands of college students across the country. Recent grads are entering a battle field that takes no prisoners. Everyone person is looking to stand out, and more and more, the content on theContinue reading “Resumes With a Touch of Social Media”

The Policy of Social Media

Over the past few weeks, the topic of Social Media Policies has popped up several times between NASPA backchanneling, the weekly #StrategyCar convos, and talking about social media with a few professional colleagues. Then I was required to research a topic for my law class which related to current issues in higher education and theContinue reading “The Policy of Social Media”

4 #SoMe Peeps NOT To Be

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been reading up on social media and the law.  Now, originally I began this reading venture because I selected it as the topic for my law class. But my interests were peaked and I have become quite engulfed in the topic. Throughout my reading, I’ve been noticing that thereContinue reading “4 #SoMe Peeps NOT To Be”

PR Tips for Chapters

As mentioned in my previous post, I spent all last weekend at the Kappa Sigma Michigan District Conclave. This year I presented/facilitated one of the sessions. Thankfully this year it was to one of my strengths, public relations and social media. During the session, it was suggested to compile a list of things that aContinue reading “PR Tips for Chapters”