Quirky Tips To Keep Your Platforms Updated and Organized

So, let’s be honest: It’s a pain to keep your platforms updated and in order. We all experience that feeling of dread when you have to update your contact information or big life status across multiple platforms and it’s especially daunting if they’ve sat for months without much updating or if you are trying to transition toContinue reading “Quirky Tips To Keep Your Platforms Updated and Organized”

Authentic Me? My Feeling is in Play

I think it is very hard to be authentic and genuine on social media. While everyone says to “be authentic”…”be genuine”…”be honest and who you are”. It’s much more difficult and complex than just “being”. I think everyone has spurts of truly authentic moments on social media. But if we are constantly thinking of what type ofContinue reading “Authentic Me? My Feeling is in Play”

The Power of the Hashtag

As we all know, the hashtag is a generally new tool. New enough still that there are programs that are still upgrading their dictionaries to include it as an official word. (I can’t tell you how many times, I’ve gotten the irritating squiggly red line under ‘hashtag’ as though I’m trying to create a new word;Continue reading “The Power of the Hashtag”

Schedule Ahead Wisely!

So we’re all crazy busy this time of year. Be it marketing end of year or holiday events, sharing out information on family and friend get-togethers, conferences, last minute and end of semester information PLUS our regular daily responsibilities we are inundated with information to get out through our social media profiles and platforms. SoContinue reading “Schedule Ahead Wisely!”

My “Whys” for My Social Media

I’ve been thinking a lot about social media and me as a practitioner and blogger. There have been so many conversations about social media, social competency, best practices and debating back and forth on what is right or wrong, what is productive or not, etc. that I’ve been swimming in reading material. However, after writingContinue reading “My “Whys” for My Social Media”

Why I Blog

Recently,I’ve had a couple of friends ask “why do I blog”? I’m a relatively new blogger with few readers. I’m definitely not the best blogger, nor do I have the most insightful posts, so why do I spent so much time blogging? I have several reasons which include branding myself as a Student Affairs Professional and social mediaContinue reading “Why I Blog”

Must It Be Social Media vs. Social Competency?

Recently I read a great article, from the SA Collective, Tech Generation: Don’t Just “Deal With It”, by #sachat peep @jakegoldblum1, and I couldn’t agree more with him. I’ve also been preparing for my first ever conference roundtable that I’m co-facilitating with my former Grad School Mentor on social media in student affairs. And finallyContinue reading “Must It Be Social Media vs. Social Competency?”

Transitioning Out Right

Over the last few weeks there have been some great conversations via blogs,  Twitter, etc. about interviews and transitioning into a new position. We’ve discovered a plethora of hints and tips on how to learn the office environments, campus politics and best practices for learning your new job, etc. For me, it’s been hugely helpful,Continue reading “Transitioning Out Right”

Digital Resources for a New Year

So, I was talking with a few undergrad students and #SAGrads from Michigan State the other day about digital resources and suggestions I had for them. So, after that conversation, with the start of the semester, and the plethora of helpful info from other #SATech/#SAPros, I thought I’d share out what resources that I foundContinue reading “Digital Resources for a New Year”

The Great Debate

I read an article this morning on Social Media that I found on the SACollective. It was talking about Student Affairs Professionals and the issue of whether or not to follow and/or friend students. ARTICLE: http://studentaffairscollective.org/social-media-what-student-affairs-professionals-are-missing-by-not-connecting/ Now, I’ve been having this debate for years with myself and colleagues, so I’m quite familiar with both sides’ prosContinue reading “The Great Debate”