#SCOTUS, #Prop8 and #DOMA, Oh My!

Pre-#SCOTUS Decision, 9:01 AM: Today is the day for the Supreme Court announcement on the decision they made regarding the Defense of Marriage Act and Prop 8 of California. I’m sitting drinking my morning coffee, perusing my social media platforms just waiting for the decision. Personally, I’d love to see same-sex marriage allowed across theContinue reading “#SCOTUS, #Prop8 and #DOMA, Oh My!”

Road Tripping

So this week I’m in the Cherry Capitol of the World, Traverse City, Michigan. My week long summer class on legal, ethical and policy issues is at the Northwestern Michigan College Campus and so I hiked up on Father’s Day to make sure I’m in class at 8:00 AM tomorrow morning. (I’m so dedicated, LOL)Continue reading “Road Tripping”

Random Act of Kindness Challenge

Yesterday morning, I went to Starbucks before the #SATechMI UnConference. And while there, I witnessed what I call a “warm fuzzy” moment that I feel should be shared. So, there I was standing in the Starbucks line, getting ready to get my yummy frappucino for the day, when my ADHD kicked in and I beganContinue reading “Random Act of Kindness Challenge”