Day of Silence

So the other day I participated in a friend’s photo shoot they do in recognition of GLSEN’s Day of Silence which is April 17th. This initiative in which students across the country vow to take a form of silence to call attention to the silencing effect of anti-LGBT bullying and harassment in schools. FYI, I’d neverContinue reading “Day of Silence”


Tuesday was a big night for Michiganders. Governor Rick Snyder gave his Michigan State of the State Address at 7:00 PM and President Barack Obama gave his State of the Union Address at 9:00 PM. So for those of you who follow me, you got more than the usual amount of political opinions because the twoContinue reading “#MISOTS15 and #SOTU”

The Mitten State is Becoming Harder to Love

Oh Michigan. How you make it hard for me to love you. Lately Michigan has been taking some significant stances/hits in the fight for LGBT equality: In November, the Sixth Circuit Federal Court overturned six District Court decisions in Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky and Tennessee allowing same-sex marriage. This was in counter of the other CircuitContinue reading “The Mitten State is Becoming Harder to Love”

Real Talk: My Outiversary

It was 5 years ago this past Saturday, August 1, when I openly identified as gay. I marked this date as my Outiversary because it was when I told my parents and switched my Facebook status. (of course it was partially based on my social media…do you expect anything less from me? lol). As youContinue reading “Real Talk: My Outiversary”

Real Talk: Me Being Blunt on Anti-LGBT Supporters

So, there’s a lot of thoughts riding the roller coaster that is what I consider my mind, and I’ve been debating on whether or not to share them with you all. However after a few weeks of reflecting, I think that to help me make sense of them I should write through them. I’m sharingContinue reading “Real Talk: Me Being Blunt on Anti-LGBT Supporters”

Be Out On My Resume?

So I had a conversation with someone about certain resume content, that I’ve struggled with myself, but didn’t realize the impact it had on me until I had this conversation with another person and have been reflecting and thinking about it ever since. I was talking with someone about openly identifying as LGBT on aContinue reading “Be Out On My Resume?”

Practice and Example Just Like In Person

Social media is no longer simply a platform to be social on. It has become a platform for advocacy, political debate, social movements and professional development. These platforms have evolved into being areas where nothing is safe and everything is up for debate. It’s where more and more instances of bullying is occurring and whereContinue reading “Practice and Example Just Like In Person”

Foto Friday Pride 2014

Today’s photo helps me recognize and welcome another month of June, which means another Pride month 🙂 This particular photo was taken from October 2010, a little over a year after I came out.   In this photo I was attending my first LGBT advocacy rally, which was supporting Chris Armstrong, the sitting student bodyContinue reading “Foto Friday Pride 2014”