Everything Is Better To Music

This week I began a new chapter in my professional career. I began my position at Marygrove College as their Coordinator for Student Involvement, Leadership and Greek Affairs. Now, while I am excited, I’m also a bit nervous. I’m finally “on my own”. No longer am I at a position at an institution where IContinue reading “Everything Is Better To Music”

2nd Year Advice

Its a little crazy that just a little over a year ago I was in my orientation for my grad program. A lot has happen in 12 short months, but I wouldn’t change anything. I’ve grown personally and professionally, and have met so many new and amazing individuals. Part of my success was the adviceContinue reading “2nd Year Advice”

Remember the Playground?

As is my tradition, I attended the Bay City Fireworks for the 4th of July. This year it was just Michael and I, and we set up our chairs and whatnot in Bigelow Park, on the island south of Veterans Park, right on the river. We got there a few hours early and so justContinue reading “Remember the Playground?”

Blonde Passion

One of my favorite quotes from the movie Legally Blonde actually quotes Aristotle: “Law is reason, free from passion” (If anyone can tell me where in the movie this is first mentioned, I’ll give a shout out to a fellow Legally Blonde fan in my next post) Now, until recently, I loved this quote justContinue reading “Blonde Passion”

My 5:00 AM Epiphany

So the Legal, Ethical, and Policy Issues in Higher Education class is going well. I’ve been learning a lot but its definitely gonna take another week to really process everything. Entering the class, I was really nervous. I’ve never really taken a law class before, and as we have been going over the case studiesContinue reading “My 5:00 AM Epiphany”

Ethical Dilemma

Well, I just got ready for the day, and am waiting to leave for Ethics Day in our class.  Just musing on what I’ve read and the case study I had to work on for today, I think its safe to say that ethical issues in higher education and student affairs are rampant. Unlike legalContinue reading “Ethical Dilemma”

Higher Ed’s Minefield

Currently this week in my spare time, I’m reviewing the textbook and class materials that I’ve read for my Legal, Ethical and Policy Issues class. I have to admit, and I’ve tweeted this, “in some ways legal issues in higher education reminds me of a minefield”…they are everywhere. Sometimes they are preventable, but many timesContinue reading “Higher Ed’s Minefield”

Monsters University

Since entering into the professional world, I’ve always tried to make my work enjoyable by infusing my personality into my work. Things such as encouraging country music to be played on Fridays in the office to create a relaxed and productive work environment, collecting the random panda trinkets and art that students gave to me,Continue reading “Monsters University”

#SATechMI UnConference 2013

What an absolutely amazing day of conference-ing…well unconference-ing. Today I had the chance to attend the first ever #SATechMI UnConference, which was held at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Now, you might be wondering “What is an unconference???” Well, like you, until about 2 months ago, I had never heard of oneContinue reading “#SATechMI UnConference 2013”