Foto Friday: Tempering an Egg

So, I’ve come to absolutely and positively love cooking. It’s my go to after a stressful day and where I can be as creative as I want. The only other thing that can do that for me is when I play my violin. 🙂 I stumbled across these gems this morning when I went toContinue reading “Foto Friday: Tempering an Egg”

Foto Friday Pride 2014

Today’s photo helps me recognize and welcome another month of June, which means another Pride month 🙂 This particular photo was taken from October 2010, a little over a year after I came out.   In this photo I was attending my first LGBT advocacy rally, which was supporting Chris Armstrong, the sitting student bodyContinue reading “Foto Friday Pride 2014”

Foto Friday Oldest Photo on Facebook

So today, I thought I’d share with you the oldest photo of me on Facebook which ended up being from January of 2006: This was a photo taken at my fraternity chapter’s kickoff Winter Mixer event back in the beginning of 2006. Joining me in this epic photo are my good friends Rob O’Neal andContinue reading “Foto Friday Oldest Photo on Facebook”

Foto Friday: The Twitter Family

Today’s photo was actually taken yesterday at the #HEWebMI Conference being held at the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor. I had to take advantage of having all my Twitter Family in the same place. So, voila! The Twitter Family: Me, Aaron Rester and Alaina Wiens.Three generations of dedicated Tweeters. Have you ever really considered who gotContinue reading “Foto Friday: The Twitter Family”

Foto Friday: From Parking Lot to Housing

I decided on today’s photo after a conversation with a friend on Twitter (Shoutout to @Ben_Huff!) about my experiences with Housing.Now to be upfront, I have limited direct experiences with Housing but what I do have is quite unique. My undergraduate campus was 100% commuter when I was attending. With only about 6,000 students atContinue reading “Foto Friday: From Parking Lot to Housing”

Foto Friday: Oklahoma!

Today’s photo is  reaching back over a decade ago when I was in high school. A random fact that you may not know about me is that I’ve been a cast member in almost 10 musicals in the span of my life. Everything from high school productions to community productions. Now, my first role wasContinue reading “Foto Friday: Oklahoma!”

Foto Friday: The Utah Family

So today’s Foto Friday is a little “family tradition” that has become a trademark for a small group of us. Of course I’m talking about my Utah family: I’ve made mentioned of  this little family a few times, but you may be a little confused. So let me provide a little background. Looking at ourContinue reading “Foto Friday: The Utah Family”