A Morning of Processing

There are points in life when you realize the true nature of people and leaders. For some, their true nature is great and for others, not so great.  In my experience, it will normally appear through the actions of a person and leaders in difficult times.

We’ve all been there. I’m there right now with some people/leaders in my personal life.

So when the ugliness of some individuals arise, how do we rise above it and continue to move forward? How does one get balance and perspective and not mired down? How can a person use it to get fired up to work even harder and be even better? How does one not let emotions color the goals and long term plans that are needed? How does one not create an ugly nature in response and rather keeps things productive and optimistic?

Its painful to see the true nature/actions/intentions of a person(s) at times. I’ve been through quite a few situations that have made me ponder these questions.

This time, though, it has really made me take a step back and re-exam the relationship and my loyalty to individuals and organizations.

I’m no where near perfect and no doubt have made people contemplate about my true nature after actions or decisions. But I hope that I’ve always done the right thing though. I’ve never really asked for leadership positions but have been asked to lead. But it’s still hard to reflect and to accept that good leadership does not always equal good things for all.

But I digress back to my original point; how does one move beyond and continue to focus on good work after an act of betrayal?  I suppose for me, I’m reaching out to my support system to try and get perspective and keep me grounded. I’m trying to reflect and understand others reactions. I have also been talking with people on whether or not its time to finally move on and close this absolutely key phase in my life or if I can still do good work.

I debated on posting on this. But in the end, I think I’m hoping this post will 1) help me process things, and 2) maybe provide some food for thought for everyone; That as we lead and as we do, hopefully, good work, we keep in mind to not let greed, power, jealousy, anger, etc. to guide our actions and decisions. It’s a struggle and WAY easier said than done. But if one becomes ugly inside, a person’s good work will turn bad and good leadership will become bad leadership.

As you can tell I’m in a bit of a tailspin with this one, cause my blogging is all over the place this morning. I’ve been editing it to make more sense but it’s really just going to be a processing post to help me work through it. But as I wrote earlier, I feel that everyone battles with these questions, and there’s nothing wrong with acknowledging the struggle. It proves we are human and are not heartless individuals. And perhaps this is just another layer to leadership; understanding and rising above the negative for the positive potential and also knowing when to fight and keep working and when to let it go.

Just food for thought. Thanks for processing with me today.

Until next time,

Peace, Love and Pandas!

Published by Brian

I am currently the Assistant Director of Student Life for Registered Student Organizations and Late-Night Programming at Michigan State University. After earning my B.A. from the University of Michigan-Flint, I entered the Student Affairs profession. After a few years in the field, I returned to school and earned my M.A. in Educational Leadership-Higher Education Student Affairs from Eastern Michigan University. In my spare time I blog about my thoughts and musings on current issues in higher education, student affairs, digital worlds, identity development and general life inspirations and observations. I also volunteer a lot for my fraternity and multiple regional and national professional associations.

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