Foto Friday: Tempering an Egg

So, I’ve come to absolutely and positively love cooking. It’s my go to after a stressful day and where I can be as creative as I want. The only other thing that can do that for me is when I play my violin. 🙂

I stumbled across these gems this morning when I went to look for another photo to use. However, when I saw these, I decided these were too badass awesome and hilarious to not share today. The photos are from a few years ago when I first began to cook. I was trying to make mac and cheese for a Holiday Potluck Party at a friends house. Part of the directions told me to “temper an egg”.

The correct process of tempering an egg is when you whisk an egg(s) into a bowl and then add hot water or milk (depending on what you are making) slowly in small increments in order to bring the temperature of the egg to hot or boiling. Once you bring it to a warmer temperature you can then add it to the primary hot mixture and the egg won’t curdle or scramble.

Now, being a novice in cooking, I was confused. I texted my BFF Shawntae, who was working on her dish as well for the party to see if she knew. When I inquired about her knowledge of tempering eggs, she was just as clueless as me. So, this was my first instinct to tempering an egg (prior to Googling it):

Courtesy of Brian David Proffer
Courtesy of Brian David Proffer
Courtesy of Brian David Proffer
Courtesy of Brian David Proffer
Courtesy of Brian David Proffer
Courtesy of Brian David Proffer

Needless to say, that my original thought as to how to temper eggs was wrong. I mean, I yelled at those things for a good 5 minutes and they just sat there. They didn’t even get angry! (I kinda hoped they would jump out of their egg cartons and start going all ninja on me…alas they didn’t. LOL.)

Just so you know, I temper eggs often now and have become quite a little homemaker. 🙂

It was funny to come across these and see how far my cooking has come since my old bachelor days in Flint, Michigan. Hope you laugh as hard as I did when I came across these this morning!

Until next time!

Peace, Love and Pandas!

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